dumma-dej: Your foodpics are waaaay to good....😳 making me so hungry

Thank you so much! :)

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Baby carrots, wheat thins, roasted garlic hummus, and guacamole. 2,150 notes // reblog
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Sunshine, coffee and aubernutter's mug cakes 💘 14 notes // reblog

Made a healthy breakfast slightly not-so-healthy by making my mug pancake into a s’mores mugpancake 😱😱 but it was sooo worth it 😋😍 #mondaymorning #breakfast #mugpancakes #smores #coffee #yesimfat 15 notes // reblog

The next #rawmanda20k contest winner is the gorgeous @bela_rawfood ❤️ I adore her account and would love for you all to check it out!!! 👌
I’ll post 4 more winners to close out my feature contest! So there’s still time to repost one of my photos, tag #rawmanda20k and @raw_manda in the caption to enter! Let me know why you’re following me! xx http://ift.tt/1uDq1Df
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I’m back home from Italy and reunited with my foods. After two lovely weeks with lots of Italian food, sun, laughing and love, I can say I’m happy to be back home. 45 minute yoga session, I’m coming! 2 notes // reblog

Healthy eating! 17,244 notes // reblog
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